NEW ST Algo Pro 2
NEW ST Algo Pro 2
NEW ST Algo Pro 2
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NEW ST Algo Pro 2

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The ST Algo Pro 2 can be used by himself or with our brand NEW ST Algo Pro 2 the both works perfectly in symbiosis
Theses indicators are not recommend for newbies, we suggest only experimented Traders to use our Scripts.

Theses Indicator are for Advanced Technical Analysis Traders...

What would you have inside of this script

ST Magic Cloud

Our Famous Magic Cloud has been build to work in symbiosis with our NEW ST Alpha Indicator
Each time that the candles pullback to the cloud the Aplha gives a cross that's the signal to take a long or short position
We recommend to use it with our Market structure to find the top and the bottom and not be trap.

Inside the Cloud we have a multiple EMA with different algorithm helping traders to simply identify pullbacks and entries.

We have included the most Powerful Auto Fibonacci Retracement created by the MIT
This Fibonacci works on waves and gives the best daily ratios a trader must need to have.
Live Jauge Power and Range, will help you to identify the current power of the market.

We have also included a technical market structure indicator who will help experimented Traders to find there entries and exits

What's Inside The Market Structure ?

- Sub micro HH HL LL LH
- Sub Swing HH HL LL LH
- Major BOS (Break of Structure represented by a Red horizontal line)
- Minor BOS (Break of Structure represented by a Blue horizontal line)
- SMS (Shift Market Structure or also called ChoCH - change of character represented        by a Orange horizontal line)
- PDH (Period Liquidity Day High)
- PDL (Periode Liquidity Day Low)
- PWH (Period Liquidy Week High)
- PWL (Period Liquiitdy Week Low)
- PMH (Period Liquidity Month High)
- PML ( Period Liquidity Month Low)
- EQL (Equal Low MTF)
- EQH (Equal High MTF)
- Predictor Pivot
-New Mbp 2000
-NEW Fractal Auto Trendlines
-Style = Line dashed, line dotted or line solid.