New ST Algo Break Out ︻デ═一

New ST Algo Break Out ︻デ═一

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This is one of the most crazy indicator ever made.

By purchasing this item you will be automatically become a V.I.P Member a will have access to all our indicators.

This Algorithm will detect automatically breakout, false breakout on pivots points.
The sensitive - or sensitive + will adjust the signals given by the ST algo Breakout


The candlestick rejection works with different moving average and engulfing candle such as impulse candles
They are very helpful to identify when the momentum is changing direction, many rejection signals in a small area will confirm you a reversal in the next few moves.


This is a panel for multiple indicators recommendations as often and popularly used with that chart. This idea is derived from the great minds that developed such amazing indicators for our technical analysis of our charts.
The ratings would be self-explanatory in terms of buying/ selling/ weak buy/ weak sell and as for oscillators in terms of trending or consolidation.


To make the chart more clear i have included HH HL LH LL pivots , the settings can be changed in the menu to have more signals.


The Bar color rsi will help you to identify the trend direction in one shot and will give you more confidence by taking your position.
By default the RSI settings has been set on 14/60/ 40


To make the script more powerful i have included a heatmap consolidation, only the length of the heatmap can be modify.

200 EMA

To clore this chapitre, you will also find a 200 exponential moving average
Below the 200 EMA we suggest to take only Short trades
Above the 200 EMA we suggest to take only Long trades


The ST Algo Breakout will give break signals who can be take such as long or short position.
The Bounce signals will appear when the algorithm script detect false breakout, they are very powerful to identify reversal area they can also be took such as signals for entries and exits.
The rejection candlesticks will appear when the algo will detect a abnormal volume or pattern or engulfing candle we do not recommend to use them as entries and exits.

We highly recommend to only take break signals out consolidation this will help you to avoid a lot of false trades, we also recommend to not trade if the adx or the bb width panel announce a blue consolidation area.
We also recommend to take trades only when the barcolor are the same color as the brek signals.